Perhaps you are wondering how to go about the process of joining Trinity Baptist Church. The process is pretty straight forward.

Trinity believes in a regenerate church membership; simply speaking, we believe in a membership of Christians. We also believe every Christian should be the member of a particular local church.
We understand how important this is to you.

We recommend visiting for a season. Get to know us. Determining the church where God would have you to serve is a weighty decision. We never pressure an individual to join our church. We want you feel welcome as you visit with us, praying if this is the church God would have you to join. We will be praying with you.

Once you've determined that Trinity is the church God would have you to unite with in membership, the next step is to share this desire with one of our elders. We will set up a time to meet with you to hear your testimony - your conversion experience and walk with Christ.

After both you and the elders are ready for you to procede with the membership application, we invite you to come forward at the conclusion of a morning worship service so we can share your interest with the congregation. They will be excited to learn of your desire to unite with us.

The next step is to begin the New Member Orientation Class. This is a 13 week class taught in the office of the Senior Pastor during the Sunday School hour. This class will cover topics including Biblical Christianity, Assurance, and Christian Sanctification. We'll cover the importance of the local church and church membership and an introduction to membership at Trinity Baptist Church. We'll look at the Trinity by-laws and how we function as a local church. The second half of the 13 weeks will involve a study through our Confession of Faith - The 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. These 13 weeks will be a valuable time for you to become thoroughly acquainted with our church.

Upon completing the New Member Orientation Class you will once again come before the congregation and they will vote to receive you as a member. At that time you will be a full member of Trinity Baptist Church.