The Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America (ARBCA) is designed to advance Christ's kingdom by providing a fellowship in which churches of common confession may find mutual encouragement, assistance, edification, and counsel, and participate in cooperative efforts such home and foreign missions, ministerial training, and publications.

Founders Ministries |

Trinity sponsors a quarterly Founders Fraternal for the fellowship & edification of like-minded pastors. For information or to be added to our email list contact our church.

Founders Ministries is a ministry of teaching and encouragement. Founders Ministries takes as its theological framework the first recognized confession of faith that Southern Baptists produced, The Abstract of Principles. The Founders Ministries was established with a three fold purpose:

1. To glorify God and honor His gospel by providing encouragement to Southern Baptists in historical, biblical, theological, practical, and ecumenical studies.

2. To be a balanced conference in respect to doctrine and devotion expressed in the doctrines of grace and their application to the local church, particularly in areas of worship and witness.

3. To establish the theological foundations of the conference as the doctrines of grace, specifically including a historical Calvinistic understanding of election, human depravity, the atonement, effectual calling and perseverance of the saints. These topics are to be presented through the exposition of Scripture and the study of history at each conference.

Sermon Audio | Sermon is the largest library of free Mp3 sermons on the web. The Trinity Baptist Pulpit is available at this link:

Daily Dose of Greek |

Provided by Dr. Robert Plummer, Professor of NT Interpretation at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. This is an excellent resource to help someone learn Greek "from scratch" or review fundamentals with 25 minute video lectures. There is also a resource to help maintain the Greek language through a two minute "Daily Dose" video emailed daily.

Banner of Truth |

The Banner of Truth Trust organization originated in 1957 in London. The founders believed that much of the best literature of historic Christianity had been allowed to fall into oblivion and that its recovery under God could well lead not only to a strengthening of the Church today but to true revival. The origins of the work were closely connected with the prayer that God would be pleased to visit the land again in true awakening.

Fire and Ice Puritan Sermons |

An excellent collection of Puritan and Reformed sermons and resources.

Monergism |

Rich resource for sermons and resources from various reformed pastors and teachers

Spurgeon's Sermons |

One of the greatest collection of Spurgeon sermons on the web.

Thomas Watson | Thomas Watson

A great collection of the works of Thomas Watson.

A. W. Pink | Arthur Pink

An archive of the works of Arthur Pink. From the Hall of Church History website.

John Gill | John Gill

An archive of the Baptist theologian. From the Hall of Church History website.

9Marks Ministries |

9Marks is a ministry founded by Mark Dever for the purpose of helping churches re-think their ministry methods and apply the biblical priorities that cultivate health and holiness in the local church.